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Keypad Hongyang


Display Hongyang


Power Board Hongyang

Power Board

Main Board Hongyang

Main Board

Nozzle Boot Hongyang

Nozzle Boot

Fuel Management System (S90-A) Hongyang

S90‐A Fuel management system adopts advanced electronic and computer technology.

Rolling Display Hongyang

The content on the display could be changeable

Oil Indicator Hongyang

U602 oil viewing device is designed to watch whether the pipe of the fueling machine is full of liquid or not.

Hose Hongyang

Transfer gasoline, kerosene, diesel from dispenser to vehicle.

Gear Pump U102-B Hongyang

Positive displacement, self‐priming, internal adjustable bypass valve

Flowmeter Product ID:U101-B Hongyang

This type of meter is used to fuel dispensers for measurement of pressurized oil.

Mobile Dispenser with pump Hongyang

M2 Series, CMD 1627SK - GT2

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