Distribution Networks

We believe that our success is measured by how much we achieve the principal objective for which we were established; providing easy and convenient access to fuel throughout the country. Since the inception of the company, we have worked hard to build a distribution network that would facilitate us to offer timely and efficient delivery to all corners of the country.

The development of our distribution infrastructure has been carefully designed keeping in mind the unique geography of the country and potential difficulties that may arise due to weather conditions. We know the importance of an uninterrupted supply of fuel to all economic sectors and the unique requirements they have in their delivery requirements. We understand our role in the efficient functioning of the fisheries sector, resorts, the transport sector, utility service providers across the country and other industries.

Key elements of our distribution network and infrastructure

  •  STO Central fuel storage
  •  Distribution terminals in the provinces
  •  Our network of distributors in the provinces
  •  Our fleet of bowsers and vessels
  •  Slipway, fuel barge construction and repair facilities

STO Central Fuel Strorage

STO’s fuel storage at Funadhoo is the central storage of fuel for FSM. The storage which holds a total capacity of 22,700 metric tonnes of fuel distributed as follows between different fuel products ensures that the national requirement for fuel is met without interruptions and shortages.

  •  Diesel MGO  18,500 MT
  •  Petrol ULG (RON 95) 3,600 MT
  •  Kerosene 600 MT

Distribution Networks

FSM distribution network consists of a combination of FSM’s own distribution terminals supplemented by a network of distributors in all of the atolls of the country.


Distribution terminals in the provinces

The distribution network of FSM serves all the remote corners of the Maldives from the northernmost atolls to the southernmost atolls. This is the result of a well planned expansion program which includes the establishment of storage facilities at strategic locations across the country and the appointment of dedicated distributors that would serve local communities. 

At present FSM terminals are based in three of the southern provinces; Southern, Upper South and Central Provinces. However the company is currently developing three additional terminals in Upper North, Central and South Provinces. These will be expanded further in the future. The new terminals would help provincial distributors and consumers alike.


Distributors in the atolls

Throughout its history FSM has believed in building partnerships that are mutually beneficial for the partner as well as to the company. This program of partnership has provided us the opportunity to help local businesses to succeed at the same time achieving our goal of providing easy access to fuel to all in the country. Today there is at least one FSM distributor in each of the atolls of the Maldives

Distribution Networks

Our Fleet of Bowsers and Marine Vessels

We ensure a reliable supply of fuel to our customers by managing and operating a large fleet of vessels including barges and tankers of various capacities. We offer a range of options to our customers in order to provide flexibility and convenience to meet their demands.

Our fleet of vessels and tankers consists of 14 vessels which include 4 tankers and 10 fuel barges with capacities varying between 20 metric tonnes to 2000 metric tonnes. Our land fleet includes 9 bowsers with carrying capacities ranging between 5 to 15 metric tonnes.

Our Fleet of Bowsers and Marine Vessels

Slipway Fuel Barge Construction and Repair Facilities

Our slipway, fuel barge construction and repair facilities at Thilafushi is an essential component of our operation. The facility helps us to function efficiently and ensures the provision of uninterrupted services to our customers by servicing our fleets and enabling construction of barges and tanks to meet our requirements.

Our facility at Thilafushi is equipped with all the machinery and tools needed for the repair and maintenance of all our vehicles and marine vessels. At Thilafushi we have the facilities for construction of fuel barges and fuel tanks. The staff at our facility are the most experienced and the best in the field. They make sure that all our vessels and vehicles are in perfect operational condition and ensure that deliveries of fuel barges and tanks needed by our customers meet the standards and requirements they have come to expect from us.

Slipway Fuel Barge Construction and Repair Facilities