About Us


Fuel Supplies Maldives, incorporated on 18th December 2000 is now a wholly owned Subsidiary of State Trading Organisation PLC (STO), formed with the main objective of streamlining fuel distribution in the country and to offer easy and convenient access to fuel throughout the country. Until the formation of FSM fuel distribution was managed by STO, which is also the principal importer of fuel in the Maldives. At its founding the purpose of FSM was to create a company that would specialise in the distribution of fuel in the Maldives.

Since its inception FSM has built a strong distribution infrastructure to cater to the needs of the country and has been able to establish a network for distribution of fuel, which has helped to create easy access to all. With the introduction of new technologies FSM has revolutionised the way fuel is delivered and handled in the country, and has set standards for the others in the industry to follow.

FSM is continuously looking at ways to improve the efficiency of its delivery systems through the introduction of the latest technologies and best practices and has worked vigorously to improve the capacity of the companys staff to meet the challenges faced and the ever growing expectations of our customers.

At FSM we recognise the importance of team work and how our efficiency will impact economic activity and national development. Due to the nature of our product we recognise the importance of maintaining high standards of safety and best practices to minimise the negative impact to the environment from our activities.


State Trading Organization PLC - 99.99%

Maldives National Oil Company Pvt Ltd - 0.01%

STO is a public company in which the Government of Maldives holds 92.29% and is the principal importer of fuel. STO is the major trading company of the government and is the oldest state owned enterprise. MNOC is incorporated by the government and complements its efforts to diversify the national economy by generating employment and foreign income through oil and gas exploration and production in the local and foreign territory.


We set standards for ourselves and set benchmarks for the rest of the industry. We ensure quality and reliability of our products and meet industry standards through which we offer assurance and confidence to our customers. We do not compromise on quality, performance and reliability.

We value our customers and build brand loyalty by providing fast, efficient services in a friendly environment. We impress our customers with our passion for excellence. Through the combined use of technology and dynamic work ethics we meet customer requirements and promote the interest of our stakeholders.

We minimise our impact on the environment by operating efficiently and incorporating international best practices that would minimise and mitigate environmental hazards. We follow high safety standards to ensure the safety of our personnel and to minimise risk for our customers and the community.

We are transparent in all our business transactions and comply with the laws and regulations that relate to all aspects of our work. We support open and honest communications and focus on building partnerships, both internally and externally.

We work as a team and promote a culture of learning among ourselves. We believe that our human capital is our most valuable asset. We help enhance intellectual potential and provide opportunities for employees to develop competencies and skills



Be the market leader in the distribution of fuel and related services and be a contributor to national development, ensuring the highest international safety standards and the quality of services in the industry.


  •  To offer easy and convenient access to fuel for all
  •  To deliver the highest quality fuel products and related services at competitive prices
  •  To maximise customer satisfaction, safeguard the interests of the community and protect the
  •  interests of all our stakeholders


At FSM we strive to create and maintain a work environment that attracts, motivates, develops and sustains our team members by applying best practices and services to our employees.

To our current strength of over 300 employees, we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages and several intangible benefits such as individual development training and our program of fostering continuous learning behaviour within the company. All the employees are trained continuously in their respective fields in order to ensure that the objectives of the company and our customers are met. 



FSM is a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) and the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA). The membership to these recognised international bodies enables us to adhere to high standards set by these institutes.

Our specialized fleet of fuel transportation vehicles and vessels fully meet the safety guidelines set by the local government authorities. Our vessels are equipped with OSDN chemicals that are used to remove any incidental oil spills that may occur during the day to day operations. The diesel we use are Low in sulphur whish is a higher grade diesel with fewer impurities which helps to minimise harmful effects on health and the environment.



We understand the requirements of every customer and we provide customised services to all our customers. Our operations are designed to be flexible to meet specific requirements of each customer.

We try to make a positive and lasting impression by being committed, attentive to details and by following up on our promises.



Although the delivery of fuel may be seen as a standard procedure common to all, we see the need to provide tailor-made services that meet the unique requirement of our customers in different economic sectors.

We understand that there are differences in requirement, not only in terms of the volume and pattern of purchasing but also the distinctive needs and expectations of different economic sectors in the delivery of fuel. That’s why we have created specific services with varying modes of operation and delivery to match the needs of these market segments.

Our services include

  •  Resort Delivery Services
  •  Fuel Delivery to inhabited islands
  •  Industrial and commercial deliveries
  •  Domestic fuel bunkering services
  •  International fuel bunkering service
  •  Gas stations in Male’ and Addu
  •  Providing Consultancy in Fuel related services
  •  Fuel related equipments and accessories 
  •  Other maritime services